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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Thanksgiving in Costa Rica

I made thanksgiving!!! Cynthia, another American in Costa Rica, who also goes to my school, and I made it....we are so proud. Well...this is how it went:

Cynthia came to my house at about noon. We started by cooking my potatoes for the MAshing process. That went lovely. Cynthia and her sister Paola peeled the Yams. For the record, Yam in Spanish is √Ďame. Anyway, they then cooked the Yams while I peeled apples and the crumbly part of an Apple Crisp. Cynthia then made her Baked Mac and Cheese. I privately rejected that as Thanksgiving food but whatever.
Well, my Apple Crisp turned out perfectly and everyone loved it. Everyone being My host family and Cynthia's host family. I liked the Yam pie but no one else did. Everyone got itchy because supposedly yams give allergic reactions. Bull if you ask me.
Cynthia's mom made a Chicken with potatoes and many yummy spices. Don't ask me what spices because I haven't the slightest.
My mom lent us her kitchen, house, and also made a meat and rice dish.
My sisters each made a type of custardy flan thing. Very delicious.
My mashed potatoes were yummy. yay!
We forgot to make drinks so we sprinted to the store to buy sodas....we then served and everything was perfect...

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