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Monday, November 07, 2005

Not So Great Pasta

Well, I made pasta last night...and it was a classic example of what happens when you only sort of pay attention to a cooking show, and then try to modify what you DO remember, and you don't have all the ingredients.
Don't get me wrong. It was edible. It just wasn't great.

So, I put some EVOO in a pan with some minced garlic. The recipe doesn't call for any meat, but I had some spicy Italian turkey sausage, so I cooked that in the olive oil. I chopped up some tomatoes and threw them in. About this time I realized that there was waaaaay too much oil in the pan, but what was I to do?

The recipe I saw on TV called for me to toss in some cubed fresh mozzarella and fresh basil. ~snicker~ Well, I threw in the cheese, but didn't think to turn down the heat. And I didn't have basil, so I threw in some chopped spinach.

So there I am with a pot of pasta, some meaty tomatoey sauce with a huge glob if melted cheese swimming in a large pool of olive oil. I did what any college grad home alone would do: I threw it all together, tried to fish out the cheese blob, and ate it anyways, taking the leftovers for lunch today.

My suggestions: Less EVOO, more tomato, real basil, and toss the mozzarella in last. Oh. And add seasoning. And if you see the "Everyday Italian" episode this was in, please, let me know what the recipe REALLY is.


Allison said...

lol - great post

EvilAtWork said...

What exactly is EVOO? It sounds like some kind of emu byproduct.

Momo said...

you and the stinkin' emus. It's Extra Virgin Olive Oil.