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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Rice Cooker

This is a rice cooker.

They are cheap.

They are small.

They cook rice perfectly every single time.

You can throw the rice and water together (1:2), hit the button, and forget about it while you prepare your dinner.

It will keep the rice warm while you do what you do.

You needn't worry about burning things.

You will wonder how you ever survived without one.


Molzee said...

Ohhhhhh pretty.

Allison said...

i luv my new rice cooker...thank you! i will never have to eat crunchy brown rice again!

Ms.Rollans said...

I will admit I cannot cook rice without a rice cooker. The one time I attempted to make it I burned the shit out of it and stuck the pot outside my front door for a few days because I could not bear to look at it.