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Thursday, November 10, 2005

F-Expletive-Deleted-You Swanson's Chicken Broth!

I got home not wanting to cook so I tossed in some TJs Taquitos. Beef. Good. I rummage through the fridge and doctor up my salsa with some green onions and corn. Then I browse the pantry. I spy a can of refried beans and I have brown rice. And chicken broth. I have a lot of chicken broth. I don't know why, but I do. In fact, I have a can of Swanson Chicken broth that confuses me because I don't buy canned chicken broth. I'm a TJ snob now and if it doesn't come in a box, I don't want it. Cans are so last year.

Moving along. So I've got the taquitos in the oven, my beans are heating and I make rice. I am not a rice cooker-user. In fact, I've never owned a rice cooker. I'm not even sure how to use one properly. I cook rice in a pot. This time, I want to be clever, so I toss in 1/2 cup of brown rice in and 1 cup of chicken broth. I add some taco seasoning, I do my thing. Normally I bring it to a boil, I turn the heat down and put the lid on a bit askew to let the steam escape. This is how I cook rice. This is how I've cooked rice for YEARS. So when I check the rice and it is still uncooked, I'm not shocked, sometimes I guestimate wrong on the water:rice ratio and I added some more chicken broth. Time passes, I'm getting tired of waiting for rice, and eat the dinner without it. Now I'm slightly peeved that my plan of making a complete protein by mixing rice, beans and cheese has failed. I check the rice. Still not done. What the hell, I think to myself, I added the rest of the chicken broth. Note: this is 14 oz can. I let it cook. I check when it's done, I give it a stir. I even go so far as to let it steam itself for a few minutes. I do one final check. It still, was not done.

It's now living in the trash.

I'm blaming the chicken broth. I'm blaming Swanson's high sodium content, but actually I have no idea. Any suggestions?


Momo said...

1) did you turn on the stove?

2) buy a rice cooker. Seriously. I'll buy you a rice cooker.

Molzee said...

of course i turned on the stove. even checked the heat level. My friend gave me the what for on brown rice cooking. bah!

EvilAtWork said...

Brown rice typically isn't minute type rice, you can get it that way but you have to be sure and buy it. It takes about 45 minutes to cook regular brown rice on the stove using the covered pot method.

What is this rice cooker of which you people speak? When I picture rice cooker I picture pot with lid, full of a 1 cups of water to every 2/3 cups rice on low heat.