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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fowl Curry

Heehee. I crack me up.

Take one cornish game hen (or chicken, or whatever). Put it in your crockpot with a touch of oil. Add carrots (baby, or baby cut, or cut up), potatoes, whatever.

Dump a jar of Trader Joes Green Curry Simmer Sauce on top. Set on low. Cook forever. Or 10-12 hours. Or 14 if your co-workers offer to take you out to dinner with the gift certificate they won to a really good resturant not far from work which means that your curry will have to be consumed the next day.

Make rice in your Oh La La rice cooker. Or the caveman way if you are still living in the stone age. If you left your curry in the fridge because you went out for dinner, heat that in the oven.


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