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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Useless Kitchen Gadgets

As I was reading and responding to Ms. Rollans' post on garlic, I got to thinking about useless kitchen gadgets.
So lets share out useless kitchen items!
So far, the only one I can think of that I own is a pot large enough to boil a couple human heads in.


Allison said...

Those little hand-held spatula things...kind of shaped like a mini-painters-palette. Is it for scraping up my chopped onions from the board to the pan? The flat of a big knife does the same thing...

Ms.Rollans said...

I have a zester that I have never used. I am very excited for the day I use it, but until then the wonders it can bring me are unknown. In place of a zester one can always use that funky side of your cheese grader, it does the same thing- just a bitch to clean.

Ms.Rollans said...

The most useless gadget that I own is an electronic carving knife. One of my great aunts bought it at like a Longs and gave it to us for a wedding gift. I am not sure we will ever use it. I could use it though to cut down small trees, or as a bush trimmer.

EvilAtWork said...

if it's curved on one side it's made to scrape the side of a bowl when you have a mixture in it to get all of it out. Same with a jar of sauce or the like.
Mine I prefer to use to cut brownies :)

EvilAtWork said...

My most useless kitchen gadget would be a coffee pot. I've got one of those electric drip pots and I've used it exactly once. I generally make coffee the same way I make hot tea, one cup at a time. So it's either boil some water in a pot on the stove, or else stick a mug of water in the microwave for a minute and 1/2.