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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Microwavable wonders i recommend never eating microwavable Chicharron. For those of you who don't what it is, it's pig rind. ew. A common treat here is dehydrated chicharron. Rather disgusting, I must say. Now, take that, microwave it, and you've got hell's afternoon snack. Sooo icky. However, I really like the pan relleno. It's really smooth bread with ham, cheese, and jalapenos in the middle. I could eat an entire loaf.

Ok...Here is a recipe for empenadas...they dont really use recipes this was the best I could do:

3 cups of flour
1 Pinch of salt
Some Chicken or beef...actually anything you want.

Ok, add the salt and water to the flour and smoosh (techinal words I know) with your hands until the dough is smooth but firm. Then for the filling. You can add pretty much anything you want. You can add fruits (I like strawberries with sweetened condensed milk), meats, rice. Ok. Then, take a ball of dough about the size of a baseball (maybe a little smaller) and pat it out into a circle. It's easier if you do this on a plastic bag or something plastic that you can bend. Then put a large spoonful of your desired filling in the middle of your flat doughy circle. Then flip over one side to make a half moon shape and seal the edges of the empenada. Use a frying pan and fry that bad boy until its a nice golden/dark brown color.

Note: make sure the filling is completely cooked (if you're using meats or rice) before you put it the empenadas. Also, they're good with potatoes.

So, thats one Costa Rican recipe for ya.


Momo said...

Sounds tasty, Fleeta! My question is: do you fry it in oil? If so, how much? I can't wait to try!

Momo said...

For those of you who were wondering, I spoke with Tica and she said in CR they use solid fats (i.e. lard) so its hard to judge, but about 1/4 inch. Enough to fry in.