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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Food Network spurs another unnecessary shopping trip.

Tomorrow's attempt: saute green and yellow pepper with red onion, sliced portabello mushroom, and a little garlic in extra virgin olive oil. Eat with butter and herb mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, I was in a rush and did my shopping on the way to the YMCA, spur of the moment menu choice (inspiration ala the bane of every girl I know, the perky and annoying Rachel Ray) - I didn't take the time to plan out my potatoes, so they're packaged. But I might have enough stuff on hand to try a homemade garlic and herb butter, and I think there are some baby reds to test that out on.

I thought about buying some cooking wine because I love when a chef sautes something, then dumbs in wine to soak up the brown carmalized stuff on the bottom of the pan.

Finally, I like to go here and pretend I can make some of this. Let's just say I need about five more attempts before I get the spicy black bean burger the way I like it.

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Momo said...


Sounds tasty! I'm eating at your place tonight.