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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pulpusas in Cooking Class

Hello...ok. So a few weeks ago in my AgroIndustria (cooking) class we decided to make pulpusas. These are baby tortillas with cheese then another tortilla. So the cooking was going along great when a classmate dropped the enormous bowl of grated cheese into the sink spilling half of it and soaking the other half with water. But that didnt stop us from continuing to make 36 of these bad boys (2 for each of the 18 kids). Then I, being a genius, dropped the plate of pulpusas....sure there were only six but that was good fun anyways. We gave those ones to the kids we dont like...

By the way...I am quite aware of the incident to which the title of the blog refers...ha. ha.


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Louisa said...

This incident reminds me of "The One with the Cheesecake." Remember when Jose y Raquel ate cheesecake off the floor of the corridor?