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Monday, October 10, 2005

Grilled-cheese dressed up

Spur-of-the-moment blog startup...welcome!

Just got the call, B. is on his way home for lunch, with a quick turnaround to class. Luckily, I'm prepared. Grilled-cheese, but spiffed up thanks to some random cooking show on TV.

Instead of regular sliced bread, use sourdough rolls, or sections of a baguette - slice them open, but leave a 'hinge' of crust, and toast inside-out, with the cheese on the crust side, the bread toasting on the pan. Butter or a similar substitute gets that perfect golden brown...

Maybe include sliced tomato or some fresh leaves of basil, and it's a perfect quick fix!

P.S. Just remembered...I cook mine on a flat skillet thing usually, and to help keep the thick bread closed (that 'hinge' makes it tough sometimes) I put a plate face down on the closed sandwich to add some helps the cheese melt faster than the bread toasts too.

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