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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Birds in the Nest

This is a childhood favorite, and a quick breakfast that is satisfyingly self-contained.

Take a piece of sliced bread, butter both sides. Cut out a small-medium sized circle from the center of the bread using a cookie-cutter (I use the rim of a small glass). Toast the bread and it's cut-out on one side in a pan (or on a skillet thingy). Turn the bread to toast the other side, and crack an egg into the hole in the slice of bread. Cook to your desired doneness of egg. Eat and enjoy!

P.S. Shameless plug - B. and I are moving next week into our new apartment down by the beach. We're leaving behind a lot of kitchenware that, due to communal use with roomies incapable of not scratching up the non-stick and melting the spatulas, we'd rather replace with new things. So, at Mo's suggestion, I've made a housewarming registry on Bed Bath and Beyond's website. Hey...any excuse for new gadgets!

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Stephen said...

the girl we stayed with in arcata made us the egg in the hole in the bread thing at 3am, a few hours before she overslept her college graduation. ah, fond food memories.

and a gift registry, eh? practicing? ;oP