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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


No one has posted anything in the last 13 days. This leads me to believe either 1 of 2 things.

1. Everyone on the list of posters has been eating out every meal since January 4th (I know I have - just ask me what I had for lunch today)

2. Everyone is dead.

I know 2 isn't true.............

So I will entertain you with Stupid Recipes that I have located on the Internets:

take a piece of butter and stick it in the oven at 50 degrees celcius and enjoy,

Sunless Tea

3 tea bags with strings
hot water
1 bottle
1 refrigerator

In light of today's diet awareness, we present this handy recipe, which,
though not earthshaking, provides a refreshing thing to reach for when
checking to see if the refrigerator light still operates.
Take a glass half-gallon bottle, like what apple juice comes in at the market.
Fill the bottle with hot tap water. (Don't get fussy and boil it or anything.)
Take three tea bags of anything, twist the strings together, push the bags into
the bottle, and screw the lid on so the strings stick out. (Don't let the tea bag
companies give you that bugle juice about ten tea bags per gallon. You
yourself may one day have children to put through college as they apparently
do.) Place the jar on the counter for about fifteen minutes, then take the tea
bags out. When the jar is cool enough so it doesn't melt the plastic shelf in
your refrigerator, put the jar in the frig.
You can make this tea with cold water and just put it in the frig, and this
works, but with hot water you can watch the tea leach out of the bags, form
little tea tendrils, drift down and form a gradient at the bottom of the bottle.
(If you often spend time observing such things, you should probably either get
a hobby or become a government worker.)

And this is not actually a recipe - but hysterical -
"The moral of the story is don’t get married when you’re 15 and strippers named Bobbi don’t know a damned thing about making fried chicken." as taken from a blog called Kat's Kitchen

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