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Sunday, January 22, 2006


I love German food. This is because I lived there, and I grew accoustom to it. None the less whilst shopping at Cost Plus World Market for napkin rings, I stumbled upon a box of Spaetzle. I love Spaetzle. I cooked it and then once the noodles were cooked I fried them in butter and added them to sauteed veggies (zuchinni, carrots onions and green beans) and some ground turkey. This is what I ate for dinner last night. HMmm good. Tonight -- I had left overs so I decided to toast a whole wheat pita. I smothered the inside with hummus, added some cheddar cheese and heated up the mixture from last night. I ate two half pita sandwhiches. IT WAS GOOD.

I need to look up my own spaetzle recipe though because in the end - it wasn't.... I mean. It was OK - but it wasn't that great. I'll have to make it from scratch though.

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Allison said...

you're hired.