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Sunday, December 04, 2005

This soup needs a name

This is a soup I made of things I had in the house.

1 box of trader joe's creamy potatoe leek soup
beef bacon
ground turkey
frozen corn
russet potato

Put the soup in a pot on low heat. Toss the potato in the microwave to cook for 6 minutes. Cook 4 slices of beef bacon (bought because I wanted to try it out) until crispy. Save the bacon fat in the pan. (This is the good part) Cube the potato (skin it if you don't like the skin) and drop it in the pot. Add "some" frozen corn from the freezer. Pause to wonder how long corn has been in freezer, and if it will go bad. Brown your ground turkey in the bacon fat. Dice bacon and toss into pot. Dice chives and add to concoction. Note that the soup is already flavored so you might not want to add extra seasonings. Lastly add the ground turkey and let the whole thing simmer until it starts to smell good. For me, it was about as long as it took to unload the dishwasher and wash the rest of the dishes. Serve. Eat.

I created this thinking of what a good baked potato with all the fixings would be like in a soup form. Tasted pretty damn good. Chowder-y. But without the milk. Suggestions for names?

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Momo said...

Laurels Lucious Tater Soup?