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Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday night resourcefulness

I'm always talking about getting my act together and planning meals like my mother does so know, to make better use of my food budget and eat more balanced meals. But mostly because standing shivering in the glow of the fridge trying to piece together a meal from random ingredients is not much fun after 8 hours of work.

I tried Cody's crab wontons a few weeks ago (with mixed success...I think i used too much cream cheese) and have had some of the 'wrappers' leftover in the fridge. Grabbed some tomatos, pesto, and feta (these are about half of the items remaining in the fridge) and after chopping the tomatos, mixed equal portions of each in a bowl. Using egg on the edges of the wrappers, I put what was usually too much filling in the center, folded it over, and then bent the corners back and twisted them around - my approximation of The Joy of Cooking's advice on fresh pasta. Throw the pasta in boiling water, sautee some chicken in rosemary and garlic, pour some wine, and I think dinner is served.

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