What have you been up to in the kitchen?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things I can't cook to save my life

Hashbrowns - the last attempt nearly brought me to tears. Perhaps I am using the wrong potatoes, perhaps I am simply not patient enough...whatever it is, even Joy of Cooking can't save me. I make hopeless hashbrowns.

And pancakes! So simple and yet, most batches come out somewhat edible but neither golden-brown fluffy nor shaped like anything resembling a pancake.

(Yet I was able to make an omelette beautifully for the first-time-ever a few days ago. Everything about it was perfect, and it almost looked too pretty to eat. What gives?)

So there you have it - breakfast is my weakness, and unless you like oatmeal or toast, I suggest you only come over for dinner.

What seemingly simple things have you been defeated by in your kitchen?


SeaJohnCook said...

A - First...i use red potatoes, unpeeled, washed then grated, large holes, then soak in water while i get the rest of the breakfast items together, assuming it is for breakfast. The water soaking or rinsing, when in a hurry, removes the starch. Once the seasoned cast iron pan is nice and hot i saute the sliced or chopped onions and peppers in olive oil or butter. Or both. While the saute scene is going on i drain the grated potatoes and as much of the water out as i can. Once the onions are translucent that is wheni add the potatoes. Season with some sea salt and fresh ground pepper. "Flip" the potatoes so they don't burn but do brown until all is cooked. Serve with the rest of the b'fast... like eggs and sausage.
Top with fresh salsa as needed to taste.

Marina said...

Holy crap, that sounds phenomenal.