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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Nasty Chicken and Rice

I've been lazy. I've been busy. I've been eating out a lot. I certainly have not been cooking, but recently decided to cook the chicken in the fridge. Chicken and brown rice, mmmm good. Note - this recipe bombed. NOT, was "the bomb", just - bomb. Awful. Don't try this at home.

I didn't have a lot to go with the chicken so I tossed in about 6 ice cubes that were made of lemon juice (they were in the freezer). I then COVERED the chicken breasts with lemon pepper and some salt. I let cook. Eventually the lemon ice cubes melted, and then I added some water. I cooked the chicken covered. I looked in the freezer again and saw some frozen pineapple pieces. I tossed those in. Everything cooked down. Chicken was finished. I put the frozen TJs rice in the microwave for three minutes and ate it.

My eyes watered and my mouth burned. I totally over lemoned and over peppered that damn chicken. It was a classic case of SPICE OVERLOAD. What a shame.

What should I have done differently? (obviously used LESS.....)

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EvilAtWork said...

Next time boil the chicken in a small pot, remove the chicken when done and shred it up. Pour off most of the water trying to save some of the broth (yes some is a measurment). Add in a couple tablespoons of sour cream, a little salt and pepper, and just enough milk to thin the mixture out. Add the chicken back in and let simmer for 5 minutes or so. You'll need to stir often to keep it from sticking, and add a little more milk as you go to keep it thinish. Goes great served over a plate of brown rice. To go with it? Rip up 2 pita bread shells into long strips, brush with olive oil and toast them.