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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Pie Pear Incident

So, after some prompting and some trial-and-error situations with the neighbor, I decided to attempt again, on my own, the Baked Pear Parcel from Veggie Belly.
I had four pears.  I don't know if they were bosch, or whatever it was she called for in the recipe.  I just know they were pears.  For two of them, I decided to use leftover store-bought pie crust.  They actually turned out pretty well.  I didn't have chamomile tea, so I made the tea sauce using a cinnamon-apple tea instead.

For the next two pears, I followed her pie-crust recipe to the letter.  *sigh* The result is considerably less impressive...

I present to you:  Pear-nobyl:

note, if you will, not only the sugar-cookie-esque failure that is the forefront of the photo, but also the total and complete dough melt-down in the back that in no small way resembles pie-dough up-chuck.  Alas...homemade dough is apparently not my forte!

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