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Monday, October 17, 2005

The wonders of BB&B!

For all of your cooking purchases I highly recommend shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond. Their return policy cannot be beat! For instance as a wedding gift we were given a crock-pot that was not calibrated correctly. By the time we figured this out we had thrown away all the packaging and did not have any sort of proof of purchase. Bed Bath and Beyond exchanged it with no questions asked. Also, BB&B sends out coupons worth 20% off anything in the store. The same night we returned the crock-pot we bought a rather expensive item forgetting we had a coupon at home- not a problem! BB&B will credit you the worth of the coupon if you bring the receipt back with the coupon. In addition, their coupons do not expire and they will match any competitors’ coupons or sale prices.

On the other hand if you return an item to Linens ‘N Things without a receipt they will give you the lowest price that the item is being sold for in the nation.

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Allison said...

Awesome tip - B. and I are about to move out of the room-mate situation, and we'll need to replace a lot of kitchen items, so we've been looking for places to find bargains.