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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A southerns efforts to go low soduim

A co-worker of mine has been having really high blood pressure. Now being that she is from a small town in the south, sodium is a large part of her diet. In an effort to improve her heath she has begun to read food labels. She swears she will never serve her son Pizza Pockets again. We have spent sometime brainstorming ways to reduce her sodium intake. In our last session we found that the American Heart Association has a fabulous low sodium cookbook, just wanted to pass it along.

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EvilAtWork said...

Hmmph.. southerners and salt indeed! Hehe, I'm more likely to reach for a bottle of tabasco than salt! But, yeah, I know what you mean. Sotherners use alot of prepared foods in their dishes, and that usually means lots of msg. She can try leaving out any directly added salt to the dishes, and just add to taste after the dish is cooked and it will cut things down alot. Then there are low-msg versions of most anything.